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Any of these items can be pre-ordered to be delivered with your floor sanding machines. Please call our reservations Department on 020 8698 2010 to place your order.
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picture of Bona Prime Classic logo

Bona Prime Classic is a one-component waterborne acrylate primer for use on wooden floors prior to over coating with Bona waterborne finishes. It gives the surface a well-bodied look and reduces the risk of side bonding.

• Designed for use with all Bona waterborne finishes.
• High solids content.
• Well-bodied surface.
• Reduced risk of side bonding, i.e. especially suitable for endgrain floors, softwood plank floors and hardwood floors with under floor heating.
• Drying time: 1 to 2 hours at 20°C/60 % R.H.
• Application tool: Roller
• Application rate: up to 8–10 sqm/litr

Safety Data and Site Worksheets available on request.


We always recommend using Prime before applying any
waterborne lacquers especially Traffic.

picture of Bona Prime Classic bottle            

Pack size: 5 Litres

Price: £42.50
(plus 20% VAT)


Jenkins Joint Filler

photo of Jenkins Joint Filler  

Jenkins Solvent based Joint filler is an excellent product that is designed to fill the gaps between floor boards which, in turn, makes them draught-free and also dramatically improves the insulation in the room. It’s designed to fill gaps up to 5 mm across and also repair any minor defects found.

Safety Data and Site Worksheets available on request.

1 litre: £11.50 (plus 20% VAT)
5 litre: £32.00 (plus 20% VAT)

pic of Jenkins Filler in action


Reclaimed Pine Slivers
photo of Pine slivers We can supply packs of reclaimed pine sliver strips.They totally seal the gaps between the floorboords and as they are cut into a triangle shape they will fill a gap up to 8 mm across. They will insulate the floor stopping any draughts and save money on heating and will take stains, oil or lacquer finishes.    

Easy to fit

Step 1: Secure any loose floorboards and punch nail heads down 3–4mm. Clean between the gaps, be careful of any wiring or pipes.

Step 2: Offer a sliver into gap to see how it sits. Remove it and run a line of our sliver glue down each side of the sliver.

Step 3: Hammer down the sliver down the whole length of it the tighter the fit the better.

Step 4: Run a sharp chisel along the length leveling the sliver flush to original floorboard height.

Step 5: Continue in this way, filling in the gaps, hammering all the Slivers until the whole room is tight and filled. Leave it to dry for a minimum of 4 hours, ideally overnight if possible

Step 6: Clean up the floor and start the floorsanding process with our professional sanding machines.

Various pack sizes available
1 Meter x 6 mm x 100 slivers
1 Meter x 8 mm x 100 slivers
1 Meter x 6 mm or 8 mm x 50 each slivers
Price: £52.00 (plus 20% VAT) per pack

1 Litre Sliver glue (approx 1 litre per 100 slivers needed)
Price: £7.43 (plus 20% VAT)

Specialist Roller Applicator             Floor Finishing Brush
picture of a specialist roller applicator     picture of floor finishing brush
We always recommend when applying Bona waterborne products that you use their specially designed synthetic roller which is completely compatible and comes as a 3 piece kit. It can be washed through and re-used again.

Price: £19.95 each
(plus 20% VAT)


We sell good quality 4 inch Floor Finishing Brushes ideal for getting into those hard-to-reach corners.

Price: £5.95 each
(plus 20% VAT)


Three piece Oil Roller Kit Price: £21.50 each (plus 20% VAT)

You can pre-order any items to be dropped off with
your floor sanding machine hire.



Stephen Jones, E17: I found the guys at Floor Sander Rental extremely helpful and the after hours support fantastic. The set up training and ability for them to answer all questions and solve problems during the job was prompt, very friendly, helpful and professional. The equipment provided is first rate and makes the job so much easier and I would highly recommend them to anyone undertaking a floor sanding and finishing job- either a first time user like me or if you've done it before. I had 200 sqm to do, took 2 days of sanding and then 2 coats of Wax Oil - brilliant finish and saved me about £1200 when compared to over commercial quotes. I used the optional dust extraction unit and no dust issues.

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